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At our company with a history dating back to 1950, we have always taken pride in reaping the rewards of our work in the Turkish automobile sector... As our country proceeds on the path to becoming a production base in the automobile sector, we also continue to walk together. We became one of the world’s six biggest companies in the production of steering and suspension parts for commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors, and construction vehicles. With an aim to grow by at least 20% every year by 2023, we are taking firm steps towards becoming one of the world’s top three largest producers in our own product group.

Above all, we had a dream when we started. Now we have big goals that will make these big dreams come true. As one of the important players in the automobile sector, we have long been investing in the fields of human resources, system, quality, marketing, brand, and R&D in order to achieve our goals. We take our biggest inspiration from our business partners who trust that we will deliver our products on time at competitive prices and in the most stand-out varieties, as well as with a top-quality approach and without compromising on quality. Indeed, the fact that we have carried our brand to over 100 countries in 5 continents is the success and example of this large organization. Our rapid progress towards increasing the rate of our OEM turnover to over 30% within the total turnover is the product of all these dreams.

Pursuing our dream, introducing our country to the world, and working more and more... the NSK Group Family will continue to walk along this path with its business partners...

NSK Group Executive Board