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Principle of Customer Satisfaction

Continuously improving its success in its industry with the principle of “customer satisfaction”, NSK Group adopts this principle in its Human Resource management, as well.
We believe that the largest contributor in our competitive advantage is our employees who are accountable, life-long learners, creative, innovative, teamwork-spirited, socially and environmentally-conscious.

Lean Production Philosophy

With the lean production philosophy, we assign our employees to the positions where they will use their potentials effectively and create value in achieving our company’s main goals.
By enabling our personnel to be aware about goals of their units as well as main goals of our company and what we expect of them, we create a safe and sound business environment.

With this awareness, our aim is to configure and maintain effective human resources systems, which will enhance happiness and work productivity of our employees, in line with shared goals, and to have a better future by applying International Standards-compliant Human Resources policies embraced by our employees. 


We offer our employees career and personal development opportunities with the trainings aimed at self-development and better working.

The sensitivity we show to timely and full payment of benefits of our employees results in heightened sense of belongingness and higher levels of motivation.
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