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Developments in the fields such as industry and technology push societies into a cutthroat competition and an economic race where new developments happen every single day. NSK Otomotiv has come into prominence in the sector with its product and service quality according to the needs and expectations of their customers in these dizzying developing and competitive environment.
Starting from the purchasing stage, NSK Otomotiv, applies quality management systems consisting of all the phases such as marketing, design, production, quality control and post-sales services and we intend to continuously develop ourselves through our quality management system.
• Increasing the quality-consciousness of the staff
• Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
• Minimizing error and wastage rates, and reprocessing
• Exercising production and final controls, and inputs effectively
• Making case analysis in accordance with data and statistical measures and utilizing of these analysis results regarding future decisions
They are all provided through the quality management system of NSK Otomotiv.
NSK Otomotiv, meeting the quality expectations of the customers to the full, being in accord with legal requirements related to the product, which increases customer satisfaction, carries out work or studies on these issues to continuously develop the performance. NSK Otomotiv owns ISO 9001:2015 certificate, which confirms that our products are produced and our services are provided in accordance with an internationally recognized standard.