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Products and Vehicle Applications Certified with InMetro Certificate

INMETRO certificate is a mandatory document in Brazil in order to verify the conformity of the products and services. During the certification, risks mainly related with health, safety and environmental protection are investigated.

Being a mandatory document for the tie rod end and complete rot, which are the parts of automotive steering system, INMETRO can only be obtained after the inspection by SGS, an international certification body, that verifies that product, process, system and services of the applicant are in conformity with any kind of local, international standards and legislation or such standards specifically defined. After around 1 year of test, laboratory, documentation and bureaucratic processes, conformity of ROTA-branded steering parts to the INMETRO standards and regulations are accredited with the certificate obtained.

Steering system parts which are sold in Brazil with the ROTA brand are evaluated in 2 different product families on the basis of ball diameters. ROTA branded products has obtained 6 different INMETRO certificates as a result of a series of tests by an accredited laboratory in 3 different group per family.

INMETRO certificate must be renewed every three years. Further, subsequent to the year of the certificate, every year an audit will be made to verify that the conforming conditions are still in place.