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Procurement Policy

The general procurement policy and strategy of ROTA is to establish and improve long-term business relationships with our suppliers based on mutual trust and collaboration. ROTA evaluates any kind of local and international supply alternatives in order to be competitive in production.
We prefer suppliers who believe in technological development, invest in human resources, are respected to environment and human health and support the development of our current suppliers in such areas.

We establish long term business relationships with companies who can provide quality products in time and at competitive conditions, values research and development in order to specialize in their own field as well as have an innovative management understanding.

Procurement Management

ROTA carries out its procurement management, processes and activities in accordance with ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management system standards. We are making continuous improvements, which will also meet all customer expectations, a must of its strategic targets and policy. By planning the improvement activities, we also include our suppliers in this process. In this respect, we undertake the responsibilities of auditing, supervision and improvement.

Supplier Screening & Evaluation

In line with supply management, company targets and strategies and as a result of analyses, Candidate Suppliers are undergone a “Supplier Commissioning/Evaluation” process. During the Supplier Commissioning process, a multi-step evaluation of the supplier is carried out.
Candidates are evaluated under the following criteria by the use of “Supplier Company Information Form”:
• Capability of producing the product demanded,
• Technical infrastructure and qualification
• Cost-effectiveness
• Financial background
• Quality systems
• Environmental practices
• Business ethics practices

The candidate is subjected to an audit in line with the information previously obtained. As a result of the audit, the successful supplier is approved and commissioned. The suppliers who are found to have omissions in terms of its eligibility are re-audited after they removed out such omissions and if found eligible, then approved and commissioned. The commissioning process of those suppliers who are found as ineligible is terminated.

Our Expectations from Suppliers

 • A long-term collaboration
• Transparency and openness in mutual business relations
• Certified quality management applications
• Sustainable higher product quality
• Product warranty
• Process optimization for continuous development
• Logistical skills and supply reliability
• Productions in conformity with legislation
• Occupational health and safety
• Environment- and nature-friendly production