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21310156 Reinforced V Stay Arm
MAN F2000, TGA, TGS, TGX 18/26/32/33/35/41
OEM: 81432706137 - 81432706116 - 81432706150 - 81432706151

“Reinforced V Stay Arm” is an arm with increased pipe outer diameter and wall thickness, equipped with retaining ring lock and changed retaining ring direction so as for use in heavy-duty conditions. Tailor-made designed for some models of heavy-duty commercial vehicles, “Reinforced V Stay Arm” is heavily preferred in excavation and construction sites.

In the construction sites, heavy-duty vehicles are exposed to loads very excessive than their capacities. Increased pipe outer diameter and wall thicknesses of “reinforced V stay arm” maximized the capacity of load per unit m2.

The products with “Reinforced V stay arm” design are equipped with a retaining ring lock in order to prevent retaining ring being removed from its seating. Restricting the motion of forces occurring during the excessive load and accelerations, retaining ring lock prevents maintenance kit being removed from its seating.

Since retaining rings are subjected to higher levels of dynamic load particularly during the short-distance maneuver and start-up, retaining ring’s position direction is also changed in order to minimize the direct impact.

ROTA manufactures this product in gray color in order to create a visual difference for “Reinforced V stay Arm” products and to distinguish them from standard products.

20510163 Reinforced V Stay Arm
MERCEDES Actros, Axor, Atego, Antos, Arocs

9423500805 - 9423500505 – 9423501205

Reınforced V Stay Arm from NSK Group ROTA on Vimeo.

ROTA offers 60% longer product life in its reinforced products which field and laboratory tests are completed. 

9423500805 - 9423500505 – 9423501205 OEM numbered product is subject to rubber deformation in a short span of time. This part is used in the Actros, Axor, Atego, Antos, Arocs models of MERCEDES.

What are done to solve it
The narrowest bracket to which product is installed is identified and improvements are made.
Repair kit used for the product is increased from Ø 85 to Ø 95 and snap ring lock applied.
Rubber surface area used on the product is increased by 27%.
Rubber volume used on the product is increased by 40%.
No contact with bracket during maximum cardanic movement is determined in the laboratory and field tests conducted.
The newly developed product’s ROTA number is 20510163.

Testing Stage
A force radially of 76 kN at 1 Hz frequency is applied.
+/- 8 degree torsion angle is given.
+/- 6 degree cardanic angle is given.


As a result of field and laboratory tests, reinforced product offer 60% longer product life