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Snap Ring Lock ( V Stay Arm)

ROTA developed patented ‘snap ring lock’ solution for snap ring pull out problems for suspension systems of heavy duty vehicles. ROTA offers more effective and longer service life for suspension parts thanks to its ‘Snap ring lock’.

Heavy commercial vehicles are used with over load capacities which are far in excess of normal operating conditions. Repair kits which are running inside the housing of V stay arm &torque rod, has pull out problem caused by snap ring. ROTA developed ‘snap ring lock’ to prevent problems in vehicles due to snap ring pull out issues. ‘Snap ring lock’ ensures that molecule or repair kit can function inside the housing for longer periods.

Upon completion of laboratory and field test studies, production of V stay arm and torque rod implemented ‘snap ring lock’ commenced in 2013. ROTA exports suspension parts which are applied with ‘snap ring lock’ to in 100 countries, 5 continents and has not received any snap ring pull out complaint yet.