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Respects Environment, Nature and Community

ROTA is producing products which is respectful to environment, nature and society. It takes all the necessary safety and security precautions in accordance with international standards. ROTA aims to create awareness, consciousness and an advantage within the scope of principles of social responsibility inherent within the corporate culture.

While ROTA makes productions in the field of automotive industry, it also supports the society, nature and economy it takes part by putting the social responsibility projects into effect without claiming any interest. 

Makes a Difference In The Industry

We serve different projects we support in such fields as environmental responsibility, culture and art, human rights, social justice, corporate governance, economic development and urbanization culture to contribute to the sustainable development with our keen sense of responsibility to society.

ROTA being fully aware of the fact that it is quite a long process to form and design opinions, to plan and implement them, and to gauge, makes a difference with the projects it puts into effect in the sector.