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ROTA manufacture over 10.300 OEM references product such as tie rod end, ball joint, centre rod, tie rod steering, axial joint, V stay arm, torque rod and repair kit for commercial vehicles, agricultural tractors, construction machines and special vehicles.
ROTA manufactures its steering and suspension parts with 275 employees in its factory on a total area of 14.000 m2 with 10.000 m2 indoor area in Karacabey town of Bursa city.

Specialized in producing low volume, wide variety, special products and holding ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates, ROTA makes a difference in its sector as an original equipment manufacturer with original product warranty, product liability and after-sales service support.

ROTA produce the products in integrated factory with its molding, hot forging, R&D, engineering, production planning, production, quality, assembling, packaging, logistics departmants. Manufactured products are served to business partners by sales and marketing team.

Molding Room

 Molds and tools needed for production unit are transferred by Method unit to CNC machines via computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) and the process is completed upon the realization of mold-tool production on the benches. Method and Molding room unit together carry out all these operations.
The machine park in our molding unit includes CNC lathe, CNC vertical machining center and universal lathe lines.


All production operations are designed in accordance with continuous flow principles. In our production organization which includes machining and assembly, qualified production staff, who are managed with lean team organization, works.
All of our production operations are planned and controlled via an ERP system. All of our production units carry out their operations under the lean production philosophy. In our business, continuous development is sustained with effective improvement methods (Suggestion, Kaizen) and problem-solving techniques.

 Our production provides services with

- CNC cell structure set up as per needs
- Pipe lines which are capable of producing smoothly even the long and sophisticated parts
- Assembly lines running with one part flow principle
- Surface Preparation and wet paint shop, synchronously operating, capable of meeting any kind of technical requests
- Production follow-up in the configuration structure for managing special requests
- Qualified, motivated, customer-focused Production Staff whose principle is continuous development
- Management Staff who respects the environment, workers, humanity and future generations.


We manage all processes with business processes developed in line with expectations of automotive industry, documentation infrastructure and record-keeping system supporting this process structure under a quality point-of-view that embraces continuous development.

Among the future goals of the company, We primarily target at keeping customer satisfaction always at higher levels thanks to a feedback mechanism ranging from material acceptance quality control, process control to customers in order to ensure sustainability.

 We solve the problems with the improvement works by using advanced analysis methods such as 6 Sigma and accordingly update our processes. We are capable of carrying out spectral analyses, micro and macro structure analyses, rigidity and tension tests, 3D dimensional checks in our laboratories equipped with advanced test and material inspection facilities. We carry out internal process audits with T-card audit systematic; both internal and vendor audits with our VDA-certified auditors.


Products are developed by staff specialized and experienced in design field. Designs are brought into life by taking into account the expectations of automotive industry in a manner which will ensure environment-friendliness and driving safety at the highest levels.

 All designs are developed with the support of Solid Works CAD software as a standard. Risk areas are identified with FEA analyses and accordingly products are improved. As a result, parts which ensure highest levels of driving safety are designed with minimum costs.
Furthermore, standard cost structures are quickly built with IFS ERP software, enabling product trees to be defined in the system quickly and accurately.


 With ERP system, ROTA manages its customer-focused production via:
- an effective Inter-side cycle thanks to ERP among its group companies
- barcode follow-up system with dynamic warehouse configuration
- reliable and fast data flow at order, production, packaging, shipment points
- fast MRP results enabling instant evaluations
- Evaluating tailor-made requests and balances of customer over the system


 With its brand vision, ROTA carries out R&D activities by closely keeping up with emerging technologies in the production of steering and suspension parts in an environmentally conscious manner and in compliance with occupational health and safety.
Combining its experience on research and development with state-of-art technologies, ROTA creates quality and distinctive designs.

With CAE analyses, field tests, test equipment capable of testing all product lines, ROTA infuses its experiences into the products in the most proper manner. With the analysis methods used, product development processes are accelerated.
Targets at producing patents with industrial design and benefit models and undersigns many genuine works.
Investing in Test, validation and development activities by using governmental supports such as KOSGEB, BEBKA and TUBITAK, Rota launches industrial designs and R&D projects.

Packaging and assembly

Steering and Suspension Parts Factory’s packaging and assembly unit operates with the principle of meeting all customer demands. Pallets which are packed with computer-aided packing list software, are loaded on rack system which automatically loads and unloads and then shipped to customers as per their orders.

 Packaging is carried out with 
- packaging materials which will preserve product quality 
- visuals as per requested level 
- labelling as per customer orders 


ROTA has the logistics infrastructure which will meet timely delivery expectations of OEM and automotive replacement market customers in the best manner.
Stocking ready-to-ship materials with automatic shelf system, ROTA uses for his shipments the transportation means such as milk run shipments, local and international road shipment, international sea freight and air freight. We provide services with our own heavy-duty vehicle fleet for domestic shipments and we add values to our products with our experienced team who manages entire operation processes.

ROTA branded steering and suspension systems are produced by NSK Automotive under the NSK Group.