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Teflon Bearing (V stay arm)

ROTA offers a longer service life by preventing abrasion of products with the patented ‘teflon bearing’ V stay arm it has recently developed for off-road and heavy duty vehicles.

‘Teflon bearing’ system developed for off-road and heavy duty vehicles is manufactured from composite material and has an extended durability when compared to plastic bearing products. Due to the deformation of plastic bearings, ‘teflon bearing’ system which has a higher yield point is preferred to extend the service life of V stay arm.

Additionally, due to notch and load effect present at the end of the spherical zone in the structure, bearing material is subject to deformation in time. Oscillationangle during operation of V stay arm is extended thanks to ‘teflon bearing’. Thus, load bearing capacity per unit surface is increased and oscillation angle is increased from 44° to 50° to offer a more flexible action for V stay arm.